Tuesday, June 17, 2008



My name is Ces Bertino (cesbertino at yahoo <.> com). I cracked into the top ten in April, but unfortunately (for me), a month or so later, another team booted me out. No ill feelings, but I live in California, and as our Governor likes to say "I'll Be BACK!" (I think..., I hope ...).
I use an Intel Quad Core PC with 4 GB of RAM. I usually try to put in one to two hours per day, trying to balance time between my great family, my day job and this contest.

Good luck to all the teams, as long as you have less luck than me!!!


mjahrer said...

congratulation to your low rmse score on the leaderboard. It is very impressive for a single person to work on.

Michael Jahrer

teCh poVerA said...

Hi and congratulations.

At last, someone that wants to win (and not only enlighten humanity and science with his work) ...AND has a sense of humor.

But I'm coming after you :).

Seriously thought, do you care to comment on what got you there? How many methods and stuff?

Good luck.

PragmaticTheory said...

Congratulations for making it back to the top 10.

ces said...

Thank you guys for all your kind comments.

Tech Povera, you asked for more info about my approach. I blend around 50 method instances using Matrix Factorization, KNNs, RBMs, NSVD, global effects and others.

Anonymous said...

hi! impresed! congratulation and wish you good luck!

Tyler Carlton said...

CES, please drop me an email at tcarlton ( at ) limewire ( dotty ) com

I'd love to chat with you with regards to your netflix work.


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